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24 October 2019 What should I do with these kids? - Managing paediatric binocular vision problems in primary practice  Details Prof J Siderov Huddersfield Golf Club 
19 September 2019 Retinal Vein Occlusion  Details Mr Ziad Estephan Huddersfield Golf Club 
17 July 2019 The Macula and OCT AGM Details Charlotte Hazel (BRI) Huddersfield Golf Club 
21 May 2019 Troubleshooting Varifocals  Details Nick Easey, Nikon Huddersfield Golf Club 
11 April 2019 Toric IOLs and Complications of cataract surgery   Mr Ziad Estephan Huddersfield Golf Club 
13 March 2019 Taking Quality Vision Global Owen Aves Lecture Details Elaine Grisdale (ABDO) Prego, Brighouse 
20 February 2019 Presbyopia - the bigger picture Peer discussion Details Serena Dunwoody (Bausch and Lomb) Prego, Brighouse 
15 November 2018 An Eye-opener into Domiciliary Optometry Foundation Lecture Details Harjinder Sunda Huddersfield Golf Club 
18 October 2018 The Born in Bradford Study  Details Dr Alison Bruce (Head Orthoptist, BRI) Huddersfield Golf Club 
20 September 2018 Lenses for Contemporary Lives  Details Andy Sanders (Hoya Lens UK) Huddersfield Golf Club 
13 June 2018 Candour, Consent and Complaints AGM peer discussion workshop Details Richard Edwards (OCCS)  Huddersfield Golf Club 
9 May 2018 A Little More Conversation  Details Wendy Sethi (Bausch and Lomb) Huddersfield Golf Club 
18 April 2018 Binocular Vision Exercises that Work Discussion workshop Details Catherine Porter (University of Manchester) Prego, Brighouse 
22 March 2018 Uveitis - the past, present and future Owen Aves Lecture Details Prof. Teifi James University of Bradford 
22 February 2018 Lights, camera, slit lamp  Details Laura Pigula, Topcon Huddersfield Golf Club 
16 November 2017 Retinal Vascular Disease and Eyelea  Details Aaron Dawkins, Bayer Huddersfield Golf Club 
12 October 2017 Front, Back and Beyond - a history of progressive lens design and dispensing   Paul Walden Huddersfield Golf Club 
19 September 2017 Peer Discussion Peer Discussion Details  Huddersfield Golf Club 
8 March 2017 Orthoptics for the busy optometrist Owen Aves Lecture Details Prof. Bruce Evans Cleckheaton Golf Club 
19 January 2017 Myopia control - the next contact lens revolution   Prof. Phil Morgan (University of Manchester) Cleckheaton Golf Club 
13 October 2016 Criteria for referral   Mr Mickey Kaye (Ophthalmologist, BRI) Cleckheaton Golf Club 
16 June 2016 Presbyopia - how is it for the patient? AGM after dinner speaker  Dr Sarah Morgan Cleckheaton Golf Club 
26 May 2016 Eyecare - Past, Present and Future - Reflections of a Hospital Optometrist Owen Aves Lecture Details Mr Andrew Tompkin Cleckheaton Golf Club 
24 February 2016 Blinking blepharitis has a lot to answer for   Sarah Smith PPG Canalside, Huddersfield 
19 November 2015 Peer Discussion session Part Day Conference   Cleckheaton Golf Club 
19 November 2015 Electronic low vision aids Part Day Conference  Jason Shaw (Vision Aid) Cleckheaton Golf Club 
19 November 2015 Refractive lens exchange Part Day Conference  James Ball (Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital) Cleckheaton Golf Club 
16 September 2015 The Alzheimer's Patient - how to cope   Brian Armstrong PPG Canalside, Huddersfield 
20 May 2015 An Ophthalmic Trilogy Owen Aves Lecture Details Frank Norville OBE Holiday Inn Brighouse 
25 March 2015 Always say Yes! Peer discussion session  Josie Barlow & Tom Hedley (Ultravision) PPG Canalside, Huddersfield 
26 January 2015 A vision of the future: Children's contact lenses Part day meeting Details Susan Bowers (BCLA President) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
26 January 2015 Light and Recent Coating Innovations Part day meeting Details Andrew Sanders FBDO (Hoya) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 November 2014 Semi-scleral contact lenses - the whys and the wherefores Foundation Lecture Details Andrew Elder Smith Holiday Inn Brighouse 
16 July 2014 Can Optometrists prevent falls? Owen Aves Lecture  Prof David Elliott University of Bradford 
3 December 2013 New Treatments for Corneal Disease   Mr Fayazz Musa (Ophthalmologist) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 September 2013 Avoiding non-adaptation to progressive addition lenses   John Heritage (Hoya) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
19 June 2013 OCT - Differentiating Dry and Wet AMD from other maculopathies Foundation Lecture  Andrew Thornton Holiday Inn Brighouse 
22 November 2011 Selecting patients for OCT Owen Aves Lecture  Nick Rumney University of Bradford 
31 October 2011 Presbyopic Contact Lenses Fitting: What’s New, What’s Coming and What Works!  Details Caroline Christie University of Bradford 
22 September 2011 Optometry and Binocular Vision   Mr Keith Davey (Ophthalmologist) University of Bradford 
26 January 2011 The advantages of laser refractive surgery for patients Contact Lens & Anterior Eye event  Simon Falk (AccuVision) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
26 January 2011 Complex RGP designs using topography Contact Lens & Anterior Eye event  Steve Evans (Northern Lenses) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
26 January 2011 Correcting astigmatism with silicone hydrogel lenses Contact Lens & Anterior Eye event  Mark Chatham (CooperVision) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
26 January 2011 Computers, Contact lenses and comfortable vision Contact Lens & Anterior Eye event  Robin Reed (J&J) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 November 2010 Assessing the optic disc for signs of glaucoma - lessons learnt from BEAP and other gems Owen Aves lecture  Prof Stephen A Vernon (Ophthalmologist) University Of Bradford 
7 October 2010 Unusual Pathology and Ocular Accidents   Mr I Mahomed (Ophthalmologist) University of Bradford 
23 March 2010 Adaptive Optics - from the stars to the consulting room Foundation Lecture  Dr Edward Mallen Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 February 2010 Nutrition and ARMD - an update 'Hot Topics' Glaucoma & ARMD event  Harry Marslands Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 February 2010 Helping patients cope with ARMD - an emotional and psychological perspective 'Hot Topics' Glaucoma & ARMD event  Dennis Lewis (Macular Society) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 February 2010 The NICE Guidelines: Diagnosis and management of chronic open angle glaucoma and ocular hypertension - what does it all mean? 'Hot Topics' Glaucoma & ARMD event  Chris Steele (Optometrist) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 February 2010 ARMD and pigment analysis technology 'Hot Topics' Glaucoma & ARMD event  Dr Scott Mackie Holiday Inn Brighouse 
24 February 2010 Angle closure - when to refer and treatment options 'Hot Topics' Glaucoma & ARMD event  Peter Galloway (Ophthalmologist) Holiday Inn Brighouse 
18 November 2009 The role of RGP lenses in the 21st century Owen Aves Lecture  Judith Morris University of Bradford 
Showing 53 items