Monday 26 January

Part-day meeting with two lectures

Post date: 19-Nov-2014 16:48:50

Part day meeting with two lectures

Monday 26 January 16:30 to 20:30 at Holiday Inn, Leeds-Brighouse HD6 4HW, including buffet.

For catering purposes please book your place with the Secretary, John Goacher.

This meeting is free to all YOS and BCLA members, and £17.50 to non-members. YOS membership is only

£25 so you might like to sign up and benefit from the full year's events.

Light and Recent Coating Innovations

Andrew Sanders FBDO, Professional Services Manager, Hoya Lens UK Ltd

Approved for 1 CET Point for DO & Optometrist

This presentation will cover how anti-reflection coatings work, the manufacturing process, and how in recent years coatings have evolved to offer additional protection from high energy light. The final part of the lecture discusses blue light, identifies sources of additional blue light exposure in the modern world, and its link to circadian rhythm and the possibility that it may be a contributory factor to AMD.

In addition to this lecture there will be a poster presentation worth 2 CET points for DO only (Ocular Abnormalities , Communication and Professional conduct)

A vision of the future: Children's contact lenses

BCLA President, Susan Bowers, will deliver her Presidential Address.

Approved for 1 CET Point: (Ref: C-37273) CLO & Optometrist

"How many amblyopes fail eye patching in spectacles? How many of your young myopes have increasing myopia? Is Hypermetropic eye length growth a dream, or a reality? Fitting contact lenses to young patients can be equally challenging and rewarding. You can change your children and teens quality of life for ever!"

Learning Objectives

    • How to fit children with soft contact lenses
    • How to communicate with the parents of children who would benefit from contact lens wear
    • How the presence of blepharitis will increase the risk of complications when using extended wear contact lenses on children
    • How to fit anisometropic amblyopic children with contact lenses to obtain equal image sizes and when to beware if using myopia control contact lenses in children with high phorias

(Competencies: CLO: Contact Lens, Communication & Ocular Examination; Optometrist: Contact Lenses, Communication, Ocular Disease & Binocular Vision)

Susan Bowers is the president of the BCLA, has been nominated for Contact Lens Practitioner of the Year at the AOP awards 2014 and has been lecturing and leading workshops for the BCLA since 2007. Paediatrics is her speciality and at her practice her team see nearly 2,000 children a year.